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facebook likes The debate on whether it is wise for small businesses to buy facebook likes continues to draw many reactions but the bottom line remains that there are legitimate ways to boost the number of likes for you Facebook page. is one site where you are guaranteed of legitimate products which include Facebook likes packaged in small offer of 1,000 likes and ends up to 50,000 likes for your Fan Page.

Benefits of buying Facebook Likes:

Increased Trustworthiness

Buying Facebook Likes will naturally increase the trust of your visitors because a bigger number of Likes portrays relevance and it means more people are impressed with your services or products. At we guarantee 100% money back if you are not satisfied with our services and this means we are dedicated to providing genuine services that will build your business reputation rather than damage it.

Attracting Potential Customers

When you increase the number of Facebook Likes by purchasing targeted packages, you stand a better chance of attracting the visitors of your page to buy your products or services. These customers will not only boost your sales but also play a major role in customizing your products and services according to their needs. This whole process is made easier and quicker as described in this next benefit of buying Facebook likes.

Save Time and Money

When you buy Facebook fans for your online business, you save the time you would have otherwise spent to find many fans for your page. This is because, at for example: you begin to get your Likes in 24 hours from the time of payment and within a month you can have your 50,000 Facebook Page Likes. This method of social media marketing also saves your business a lot of money which would have otherwise been spent on marketing to get that kind of following from your business category.

Increased Popularity

The popularity of an online business greatly determines the number of visitors it pulls every other day and consequentially the number of customers making purchases. It is therefore wise for an online business to consider purchasing Facebook Likes as part of the network marketing strategy. With quality content, products and services; an online business will stay relevant and even attract more clients and followers if it is more popular. The more popular your online business is, the more successful it is bound to become.

Enables Email Marketing

The people who Like your Fan Page are normally added to your fan base and this makes it easier to reach then by email using the fan page administrative functions. This enables you to send targeted mails to your fans filtering them on the basis of demographics like age, gender and geographical location. This method should not be overused but it still creates relevant one on one relationship with your fan base and potential customers.

Content goes Viral

When you buy facebook likes, there is a huge potential that your fans will attract their friends to like your page eventually getting your content to go viral. This is a big benefit for online businesses because a consistent increase in the number of visitors guarantees better sales and brand development. Going viral with your website content means your online business will attract other businesses to advertise on your page eventually earning you advertising revenue.

Increased Revenue

Buying Facebook Likes exposes your online business to a bigger market and attracts more customers. This naturally increases your sales and helps you improve on your product and services as you engage in a personal relationship with your customers. Also, through the fan base you create; the Facebook Likes attract more visitors to your website and you earn more especially if you are subscribed to affiliate marketing platforms for passive income.

Why Choose Us:

Legitimate Facebook Likes

With our professional network marketing services, we guarantee you 100% genuine Likes and your online business builds great credibility in as little as 24 hours from payment.

100% manual and safe methods

LoadSocial provides your online business a discreet service that not only ensures confidentiality of your details but we also operate in a most secure manner that keeps your competitors away from your marketing strategies. The legitimacy of our services allows you to focus on building your brand and meeting your customers’ demands rather than worrying about your reputation following scams in this form of internet marketing.

Permanent Facebook Likes

To display the reality of our services, the Facebook Likes you purchase are permanent because we focus on target audience who will even go further to referring their friends to your business as long as you stay relevant and meet their demands.

Secure payment

We only use PayPal to accept all payments for your orders. This is undoubtedly the most secure online money transfer method accepted by all business owners and customers on the global internet business.

No hidden charges

We only charge a onetime fee for all orders placed and your Fan Page is guaranteed to get the number of Likes you purchased in the timeframe agreed, which is normally between 5 and 30 days depending on the number of Likes purchased.

Customer Satisfaction

At, we always strive to serve our customers with a long term relationship in mind. For example, when you buy 1000 Facebook Likes from us and end up seeing the benefits, you will want to increase your fan base to a larger number. We therefore aim to work with you towards your business success by packaging our products with discounts as we curve your business products to their intended market.

Flexible Price

Our prices are very attractive and flexible for all sizes of businesses beginning with the $35 for 1000 Likes, ends up with 50000 Likes package.

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